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Gubbacci is a Bengaluru-based school uniform and custom-made apparel manufacturers. The main objective to start this venture was to bring the unorganized apparel industry into order and make things easy for the customer by providing facilities online.

Every year at the beginning of a new academic session, parents are seen running from a tailor shop to a ready-made school uniform shop to get their kid's school uniform. Not just that, few schools have started selling their school uniforms via their vendors. Undoubtedly, the market for new school uniforms is huge but it is largely unorganized and unorderly.

Looking at the nature of the school uniform market in 2016, Founders of Gubbacci realized that they can explore this segment by making it affordable and provide quality products to the customers. A lot of market research was done, and they found out that the school uniform market was highly unorganized and unsystematic, on top of it the major stakeholders which include parents, and students were unhappy with the current situation.

Gubbacci not only reduces the burden on parents for getting high-quality school uniforms, school T-shirts, college blazers at affordable prices, but also it makes uniforms available at the doorstep by taking online orders and providing timely home delivery to the customers.

We all have worn a school uniform while studying, we were really lucky to wear a school uniform as there are many in the world who are deprived of even this basic necessity.

School uniforms are common in primary and secondary schools; however, many colleges also promote wearing uniform maybe by just having a common college blazer. School uniforms serve as a group emblem, they certify an institution's legitimacy by unveiling an individual's relative positions and suppresses individuality. Also, school uniform focuses on promoting modesty and discouraging anti-social fashion statements. Schools are the first place to teach the values and uniforms are first to promote the sense of uniformity and comradeship among students.  

Today there is fierce discussion taking place whether schools should retain the concept of school uniforms or the students should have the liberty to wear anything they want in the school.

Reasons to retain school uniforms are:

  • First things first, wearing the same dress brings a sense of unity among students which is a must for building a nation where peace, love, and happiness prevails.
  • Uniform promotes "Unity in Diversity."
  • Though students in school are with different backgrounds but with the school uniform, everyone has a feeling of oneness for each other, which eliminates the chances of discrimination amongst students.
  • School uniforms help the child be more conscious about his individuality, thereby helping him to build self-confidence.
  • Due to the uniformity of dress the status consciousness doesn't exist amongst students which give rise to a healthy atmosphere and healthy learning for one and all in the school.
  • Besides, feeling the pride to be a part of some school, school uniform gives students an edge over others. A school uniform is a symbol of their unique identity which every student cherishes all their lives.
  • Also, identification is easier in having a school uniform. School officials can easily recognize their student in case of an emergency.

In all, the greatest advantage of a having school uniform is the lesser costs associated with the uniforms. And for that one can surely contact Gubbacci, one and the only platform meant for the parents to bring ease and comfort in their lives. Gubbacci brings relief in a parent’s life by giving them an opportunity to get their kid’s uniform at their doorstep without worrying about the correct measurements and sizes.

Gubbacci is a one-of-its-kind platform for one and all where you can get school uniforms at most affordable prices. All you need to do is fill in your details and register your school with us and we are committed to bringing you the best. We are here to make your school uniform buying experience simpler and easier than before.

Most trustworthy in the market, committed to giving the best of services to the customers we are known for our high-quality and timely services to the customers. Give us a chance to serve you this time, you will promote us the next time and we mean it!!


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