Who is Gubbacci?

Bengaluru-based Gubbacci manufactures affordable custom-made apparel and uniforms and is eyeing a turnover of Rs 2 crore this year

At the beginning of each academic year, it is common to see parents thronging tailor shops to order school uniforms for their kids. In other cases, few schools take the initiative to bring tailors to the school premises to place orders. However, the market for new school uniforms is huge and largely unorganised.

In 2015, sixty-four-year-old Madan Kumar launched Gubbacci to bring order to the unorganised apparel market and bring it online. Looking at the nature of the school uniform market in 2016, he realised that his company could venture into this area. With Gubbacci, Kumar plans to account for the differences in measurements and alterations, make it affordable and have quality products.

“We did some market research and found out the school uniform market was highly unorganised, and that major stakeholders in this market such as parents, students and schools were unhappy with the current situation,” he says.

“We wanted to reduce the burden on parents for acquiring high quality school uniforms at affordable prices. We also wanted to ensure convenience by making online orders and home delivery possible.”


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