Why do we need Uniforms?

Over the years, there have been a lot of controversies about the use of school uniforms in schools. While some students and schools have described the use of uniforms as unnecessary, others have referred to it as obsolete. However, these arguments can only explain how different our perspectives are, but cannot deny the truth about the importance of school uniform.

A uniform is a set of standard clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in the activities of the organization. They are basically worn by armed forces, police, emergency services, workplaces, and schools. Thus, school uniform can be said to be clothes which students of a particular school are expected to wear at school and during learning periods. School uniforms tend to promote student's loyalty and also helps to reduce any tendency of violence in the school environment. School uniforms play an important role in our modern schools. Some of which are mentioned in this post;

School uniforms help to reduce social conflicts within the school. It is a fact that not all students have the capacity to keep up with the latest trend in fashion. School uniforms avoid situations wherein some students become the subject for ridicule and mockery.

Besides, school uniforms help to promote student's loyalty towards the school. Gangs which could easily be formed as a result of social classes can be avoided with the use of uniforms because it would be very difficult to identify and differentiate student's background when they are uniformed. School uniforms also promote an effective learning environment for all students. Instead of efforts to be placed on what to wear to school, students can fully focus on their education.

Beyond every iota of doubt, the use of school uniforms also helps create an identity for the school. Schools are majorly identified by their uniforms and this makes it easier for students to be recognized even outside the school. It further gives the student a sense of belonging to a particular school.

In addition, it teaches students to be properly dressed and it further brings about a feeling of equality among students regardless of their parents social and economic status. Therefore, every student appears to be the same and will not be judged by the brand of their clothes.

School uniform also lowers the cost of clothing for parents who otherwise should plan to buy the latest trends in fashion for their children. And instead of investing in the latest clothing trends to prepare children for school, such money can be redirected to something more important like their college education. School uniforms foster unity, decrease differences and improves the school spirit among students.


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